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theme por: cerejadosundae detalhes originais e inspirações de: the-dreamgirl e Sk8er-girl. Não copie, nem remova esta tag, isso é muito feio e chato.

But in the end it doesn't even matter...

Standing alone with no direction...

How did I fall so far behind?

Why am I searching for perfection?

Knowing it's something I won't find...

About Me


I’m Hellen, Brazilian, 20.

LINKIN PARK!!!! Life & Proud… *-*

I’m a LP SOLDIER… A proud soldier!!

Linkin Park is my life… They’re the best band in the WHOLE world!!! And I love them soooo much!!

They’ve a special place in this blog and in my heart!! *-*

Well, I’m a Twihard too… Robsten shipper… Twihard, Twilover… but I already said that… xD

I love the books and the movies, and the Saga appears constantly here! LOL

Sou alvinegro da Vila Belmiro! O Santos vive no meu coração! Santista de corpo, alma e coração!!!  

I also love Kings Of Leon and Muse!! 

This is my space to express what I feel about the music and the movies that I love and I can’t live without…

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